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UnlimitedBlood is a site where blood bag that is collected from blood donation camps and is stored in one place. The term “blood bank” refers to a division of a hospital laboratory where the storage of blood product occurs and where proper testing is performed to reduce the risk of transfusion related events . The process of managing the blood bag that is received from the blood donation events needs a proper and systematic management. The blood bag must be handled with care and treated thoroughly as it is related to someone’s life. The development of Web-based Blood Bank And Donation Management System (BBDMS) is proposed to provide a management functional to the blood bank in order to handle the blood bag and to make entries of the individuals who want to donate blood and who are in need.


Blood group of any human being will mainly fall in any one of the following groups.

A positive or A negative
B positive or B negative
O positive or O negative
AB positive or AB negative.
Your blood group is determined by the genes you inherit from your parents.
A healthy diet helps ensure a successful blood donation, and also makes you feel better!


The most common blood type is O, followed by type A. Type O individuals are often called "universal donors" since their blood can be transfused into persons with any blood type. Those with type AB blood are called "universal recipients" because they can receive blood of any type.

For emergency transfusions, blood group type O negative blood is the variety of blood that has the lowest risk of causing serious reactions for most people who receive it. Because of this, it's sometimes called the universal blood donor type.

06. Why our app

Only just try

Every aspect of the supply and demand for blood is managed from this solution. The purpose is to ensure that we save lives... one life at a time with one pint of blood at a time.

Awesome features
All four aspects of the blood ecosystem is covered in this app: Blood Donors, Blood Donation Camps, Blood Banks and those that need blood.
Modern and creative design
Since this is a phoneapp, it becomes extremely easy to use for all people.
Regular updates
We plan to continue the development of this blood solution and provide regular updates
24/7 professional support
We provide telephone, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger support as well as chat from website and app
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DedicateD to
Late Monalisa Tuladhar

During the last days of Late Monalisa Tuladhar, she was needing a lot of blood transfusion as a result of her Pancreatic Cancer.

With the challenges that was faced during this process, we felt the need to create a solution for all stakeholders of blood in Nepal and as a result this site was developed and maintained by Unlimited Technology, which consultation and support

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